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Accelerating Success through Strategic Innovation

Working With Us

Our ability to serve a client well depends entirely on the quality of the relationship we establish.  Close collaboration and absolute confidentiality are essential goals of Product Genesis professionals. 


Delivering Strategic Innovation to corporate clients requires trusting relationships, intense focus and dynamic flexibility – not to mention the commitment and attention that our unique approach demands.


You don't need just another consultant. You want a Strategic Innovation partner that you can trust.  We recognize that this high level of trust has to be earned, nurtured, and protected!


Being a Product Genesis client brings tremendous advantage, built upon the foundation of our four guiding principles:

Exclusive Confidentiality

We are in the business of building relationships, not selling individual programs.


We commit to long-term relationships based on the desire to assist you with strategic issues on a recurring basis.


Flexible Responsiveness

We expect a degree of uncertainty and change as program time table and requirements evolve.


We have designed our processes to accommodate ever-decreasing cycle-times, and next steps based on recently developed insights.

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  • The building block of all our relationships is trust:

    • We will not work with your competitors.

    • Your interests will remain confidential.

  • By seeking out and building key exclusive relationships:

    • We gain critical insight into all facets of your technologies, competitors and market.

    • We leverage this knowledge on an ongoing basis to shed light on your key strategic issues, as they arise.

  • We realize that preliminary results and feedback can drastically alter a Strategic Innovation plan:

    • We prioritize client responsiveness to give you the ability to react to the information that we provide.

    • Together, we can produce innovative and strategic solutions.


Specialized Focus

Our philosophy mandates that we not pursue all relationship opportunities.


Our excellence comes from recognizing clients that present a strategic fit with the services we provide, and converge on their needs with rare precision.

Connected Networks

Beyond our talented internal team, we leverage our roots at the MIT Innovation Center to bring exceptional resources to bear on your challenges.


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  • We are a firm that specializes in Strategic Innovation services.

  • Our focus exclusively on these services allows you to expect unparalleled innovation in the work that we deliver.

  • We select only relationships that present us the opportunity to mutually excel.

  • We focus on what we do best, so you can, too.

  • We maintain a close connection to people, associations and programs of The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including the MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Enterprise Forum and the MIT Center for Innovation in Product Development.

  • We also maintain strong connectivity throughout the Greater Boston academic and professional innovation community.

  • Click here for more on our associated networks.

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