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Accelerating Success through Strategic Innovation


"We save more than a year and $10 million in 
 every development cycle by applying Product 
 Genesis' advanced development techniques."

- Director for Systems

Fortune 100 Diversified Technology

Our UNIQUE competency is in the application of structured approaches for identifying and qualifying growth, disruption and whitespace opportunities, and by matching evolving technology capabilities against changing market conditions.  Our Product Genesis Opportunity Frameworks include:

Opportunity Scan/Technology Scan, Opportunity Discovery, and Opportunity Experimentation.

Product Genesis Opportunity Scan Framework
Product Genesis Opportunity Discovery Framework
Product Genesis Opportunity Experimentation Framework

Our seasoned, technology-savvy cross-functional team is skilled at working across industry and market domains, and brings broad, lateral thinking that yields silo-busting product, services, and business model innovations. Here is insight into what we provide to clients and how easy it is Working with Us.


Our clients, on six continents, include some of the most successful innovators in the Global 2000, with shareholder returns far above the norms.


We have ADDITIONAL FRAMEWORKS utilized for our other Innovation work such as Portfolio development and other client needs, please contact us so we can review them with you.

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