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Product Genesis provides MARKET NICHE SERVICES for innovation consulting and strategies for implementation. We fill the gap between traditional management consultants, market research firms, and development process consultants by providing: 


  • Actionable business strategies to support baseline business strategies

  • Guidance on integrating valuable insights into technology and product development efforts

  • Mechanisms to inform the key decision of the processes along with building strong infrastructure.


Key decision-makers like you need customized innovation analysis, planning to guide and optimize your strategic tactical moves.


Product Genesis brings value by delivering Strategic Innovation Analysis to support management teams with specific technology and product development decisions.  See some of our most popular offerings:



Armed with superior information, you are able to make winning moves more quickly and frequently!



Product Genesis Innovation Services | Strategic Innovation Consulting
"Unsurpassed in creating value from strategic innovation."

- Vice President, Corporate Development

of Fortune 100 Commercial Products

Accelerating Success through Strategic Innovation


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