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Accelerating Success through Strategic Innovation

Portfolio & Pipelines

Product Genesis Innovation Pipelines | Product Genesis Innovation Consulting

Portfolio Genesis



Product Genesis helps clients assess their technology pipeline, and identify the most effective technology roadmap to achieve your strategic objectives. This is accomplished through our proven Portfolio Genesis framework. Portfolio Genesis is applicable to challenges presented by both pre-commercial technologies and underutilized established technologies. The result is increased return on innovation from your technology investments.


Topics vary, but may include analysis of:


  • Business strategy alignment

  • Technology portfolio/pipeline cataloging

  • Target market segment identification and ranking

  • In-segment customer use definition

  • Technology value-add analysis

  • Available/alternative technology identification

  • Technology readiness forecasts

  • Technology and development pipeline compatibility and alignment

  • Investment trigger definitions

  • Technology pipeline scoring and ranking

  • Technology roadmap definition


Check out our joint Innovation Roadmap™ Tools

developed with the rInnovation Group

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